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Samudrayan Mission of India

A manned scientific submersible has been suggested for development for deep ocean exploration as part of the Deep Ocean Mission, which the Government of India started. Samudrayaan is the name of the project. A 'personnel sphere' for a manned submersible system with a 500-metre water depth rating had been designed and tested by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), an independent institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

The MATSYA 6000 submersible is under construction at the National Institute of Ocean Technology in Chennai. India’s first manned Deep Ocean Mission ‘Samudrayaan’ plans to send 3 humans to 6 km ocean depth in a submersible, to study the deep sea resources and biodiversity assessment”

The mission's goal is to support India's economic development and employment creation through the responsible exploitation of ocean resources. Additionally, it will ensure the well-being of marine ecosystems.

The Personnel Sphere, which has a 2.1-meter diameter and can function as a personnel module down to 500 metres of water, was constructed using mild steel. In October 2021, it was tested in the Bay of Bengal up to a 600-meter depth utilising the research vessel Sagar Nidhi.

The director of NIOT is Dr. G.A. Ramadass. Union Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Earth Sciences is Shri Kiren Rijiju,

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